Skin GasGas 85 Fabmx1 Factory v02.01.2022

About Skin GasGas 85 Fabmx1 Factory

Greetings to all! Here is the ultimate 85cc for a future champion - the one that costs 30,000 dollars and that some parents pay for their child, thinking that the bike will make the champion.

I was inspired by the GasGas Ama Factory (thanks to Ruubs, Vickers and Cody James for their work on the psd) and I tried to create a dream 85 visually.

There is the version with the number 1 and the public version without number.

I would like to thank the ALPHA MODS (MC 85 2022) for their help.

Special thanks to GabrielzinMods for the 3d Models, Giani for the Physics and ParaMoto910/Ramon for their assistance.