P2sta Wheel import v11.01.2023

About P2sta Wheel import

Hello, After a long wait, I'm finally releasing these wheels from P2sta. They were released for free on the sim forum a while ago. Before you even think of saying that they are outdated and not the best looking, please read these two criteria. If the wheels you are thinking of don't meet them, then don't say anything. If you have wheels that meet these criteria and are more attractive, show me proof by contacting me on discord and we can discuss importing them for the community. I've spent a lot of time on the wheels trying to fix all the little details, and it would take too much time to finish them all and release them, and I'm tired of ripped stuff, imported hoosier tyres and the pirelli that takes up half the tire. So, I'm releasing them as they are, meaning they are FULLY customisable by YOU. The chain animation is working (thanks to everyone who helped with this, it was a real pain). There is proper reflection with a wide range of customisation. NEEDS FIXING: The R logo on the sprocket is inverted ON THE STOCK WHEELS (it's ok in the PSD, the norm you'll save will be ok), the chain placement sometimes sucks (like on the thumbnails) but sometimes is ok, mudlayers are working but not the best, it still needs work.

INSTALLATION: Drag and drop mods folder from the .rar (IT WILL REPLACE GIOPANDA'S WHEELS)

HOW CUSTOMISATION WORKS: Each PSD has the correct filename, save it as a .tga and it will work. Brake Sprocket PSD: it works with alpha map for transparency, look at the alpha and you should understand how it works but that means THE DIFFUSE MAP ALSO HAS TO BE SAVED AS 32 BITS (FOR BRAKE AND SPROCKET TGA ONLY). The rest works as usual (diffuse (24bits), spec in _n alpha (32bits), reflection in _r alpha(32bits)). I think that's all you guys need to know. Updates will come in the future, I'll try to make them as good looking as I can. Huge thanks to P2sta once again, and to everyone who helped with the import (mainly Insane and the guys in a wheel import forum topic). Thank you to Piboso for the chain template (if I'm wrong, let me know). I hope you guys will like it and make good use of it. Cheers.